absolute parallax

absolute parallax
продольный параллакс

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  • absolute stereoscopic parallax — The change in position of an image from one photograph to the next overlapping photograph caused by the aircraft’s motion. It is the algebraic difference between their respective nadirs, measured in a horizontal plane and perpendicular to the air …   Aviation dictionary

  • parallax — parallactic /par euh lak tik/, adj. parallactically, adv. /par euh laks /, n. 1. the apparent displacement of an observed object due to a change in the position of the observer. 2. Astron. the apparent angular displacement of a celestial body due …   Universalium

  • Absolute magnitude — In astronomy, absolute magnitude (also known as absolute visual magnitude) is the apparent magnitude an object would have if it were at a standard luminosity distance (10 parsecs, 1 AU, or 100 km depending on object type) away from the observer,… …   Wikipedia

  • parallax difference — The difference between the absolute stereoscopic parallax at the top of the object and at the bottom of the image. It is represented customarily by the symbol dp. The absolute stereoscopic parallax on truly vertical photographs, taken at the same …   Aviation dictionary

  • Parallax — For other uses, see Parallax (disambiguation). A simplified illustration of the parallax of an object against a distant background due to a perspective shift. When viewed from Viewpoint A , the object appears to be in front of the blue square.… …   Wikipedia

  • Spectroscopic parallax — is an astronomical method for measuring the distances to stars. Despite its name, it does not rely on the apparent change in the position of the star (see parallax). This technique can be applied to any main sequence star for which a spectrum can …   Wikipedia

  • dynamical parallax — noun : the parallax of a binary star determined by the use of the relation between mass and absolute magnitude …   Useful english dictionary

  • spectroscopic parallax — noun : the parallax of a star indicated by its absolute magnitude as deduced from the relative intensities of selected lines in its spectrum …   Useful english dictionary

  • Star catalogue — An illustration of the Perseus constellation (after Perseus from Greek mythology) from the star catalogue published by the German astronomer Johannes Hevelius in 1690 A star catalogue, or star catalog, is an astronomical catalogue that lists… …   Wikipedia

  • Cosmic distance ladder — * Light green boxes: Technique applicable to star forming galaxies. * Light blue boxes: Technique applicable to Population II galaxies. * Light Purple boxes: Geometric distance technique. * Light Red box: The planetary nebula luminosity function… …   Wikipedia

  • star — starless, adj. /stahr/, n., adj., v., starred, starring. n. 1. any of the heavenly bodies, except the moon, appearing as fixed luminous points in the sky at night. 2. Astron. any of the large, self luminous, heavenly bodies, as the sun, Polaris,… …   Universalium

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